Pregnancy Update: 17 Weeks 2 Days

I wasn’t expecting to leave this much of a gap between updates on my pregnancy but let me explain why. Everything is fine, baby is growing fine. Week 4 – 14 was pretty hellish, I constantly felt sick, had no energy, even had to have time off work and generally felt rubbish the entire time. I struggled to get anything done, even simple things like doing a load of washing was such an effort and things basically went to shit.

The house was a mess and I had no energy to deal with it, what little energy I did have was spent on work and making sure the kids needs were met. I constantly wanted to sleep, constantly wanted to eat and constantly wanted to throw up. So, first trimester wasn’t fun. Definitely the worst of all of my pregnancies. I stopped doing anything creative, no energy to even play games, hence why I haven’t posted anything on here until now. Thankfully I don’t feel as sick or tired anymore, I still struggle with fatigue as the day goes on but I can usually last without taking a nap now.

My tummy is already huge which is causing my lower back to hurt fairly easily, doing housework I regularly just have to stop and lean on something to give my back a break. Today has actually been the first time in weeks that I’ve managed to get any decent housework done, which has made me feel better but consequently now I’m pretty sore.

I’ve had to see a special consultant because my BMI is over 35 and they basically told me I can’t gain any extra weight through the rest of my pregnancy. I struggle enough as it is when I’m not pregnant to maintain my weight, but with cravings flying all over this really is going to be a challenge. One I’ve accepted. Generally since being pregnant this time I’m eating way less chocolate and take-aways than before, but I’m still gaining weight. Now I’m out of the “I must constantly eat or I’m going to be sick” stage, it should be easier to actually control more of what I’m eating. I’m making a real effort to switch the fizzy drinks for water, weirdly enough water made me feel sick in first trimester.

Anyway onto baby, we had our first scan at 12 weeks and everything looked fine, had my blood results back and no concerns there either, low risk for everything, may it continue. We also had a private scan last week to find out the gender and we are having girl number 4! I wouldn’t have minded either way but another girl would have been my preference, I’m very happy and excited to meet this little one.

Now I’m feeling a bit more back to myself I WILL update here more often than every couple of months, much love. Xx


Pregnancy Update: 4 Weeks 4 Days

Well here is a blog post I’m not sure I ever thought I’d be writing. I am currently expecting my 4th child! Crazy. I wasn’t sure about actually posting these updates at the time of writing them, or if I was going to wait and do it as a big bulk post after the 12 week scan and everything (hopefully) is fine. As if somehow it will jinx this pregnancy by telling people I’m pregnant before the first scan, I’m pretty sure what’s going to happen will happen regardless of who I tell or don’t tell. So here we are. This is my 4th pregnancy, I have 3 (sometimes) lovely girls already. Here’s betting for another girl, but seriously, I know every expecting mum says this but as long as the baby is healthy and arrives safely I couldn’t give a rats ass if it has a pee pee or a front butt. I will still hear the “Of course you must want a boy after having 3 girls, will you be disappointed if it’s not?” Why? No, seriously, just stop.

Symptoms so far have been the usual, constant weird taste in my mouth, if I go more than 2-3 hours without eating anything I feel sick. Sore boobs, achy (sometimes crampy) womb. Pretty much apart from the taste, it just feels like I’m about to start my period, which can be quite scary as well. Feeling sick is as reassuring as it is annoying right now. My vision has been more blurry than usual, even with my glasses on, maybe just time for another eye test. I’ve obviously had to come off of my AD medication, a month or so before we even started trying just to be safe, and so far it’s been a positive thing as worried as I was about not having them. My moods are still very up and down but I haven’t felt really “depressed” in a while now, I’ve even got back some of my creative motivation and started writing again and streaming on Twitch. I think generally being pregnant and having a mental illness can wait for its own separate blog post. I’ve even got some emotion back and find myself tearing up over silly things again like I used to, surprisingly it feels nice.

I’ll probably post another update blog in a couple of weeks or so. xxx

Spring Update 2016


Where have I been?

So the last time I made a post on here was back in January. The start of the year has been pretty rough on the mental health front, my anxiety was starting to get out of control, and I had the added pressure of returning to work after maternity leave. I decided to go to the doctor in the beginning of February and started taking AD’s to help with my anxiety. The AD’s during the first 3-4 weeks gave me severe depression, I stopped doing the things that made me happy. I was reassured that I would feel worse before I felt better so I stuck with it and thankfully after the first month mark of taking them, I was on a high. I became over productive (for me) and energetic for a good 1-2 weeks before my moods started to level out. I have been on them now for nearly 4 months and have seen a drastic improvement in my anxiety levels, the depression is still there but alot more manageable, the bad days are  less frequent and my general stress levels have gone down too.

Chloe turned 10 in March and Lena turned 1 in February, this year is passing so fast. Lena has found her feet and walks around more than she crawls now, her top 2 front teeth are finally poking through aswell. As for the resolutions list I made at the New Year, due to my mental health, most of those got thrown aside pretty fast. Although going back to work has helped me keep track of my weight loss, I have lost 18lbs so far this year, slowly but steadily it is coming off. I had a break from Twitch for about a month back in February when I was feeling low, but have picked it up again stronger than ever and am really enjoying it again. My anxiety is obviously alot better, due to the medication, but it has made a significant difference in my day to day living. Blogging, failed big time, but here I am picking it up again. Taking more photos failed aswell, that will pick up in July when I get a new phone with more storage. Still no marriage plans as yet.

I have started writing again a little, I will be posting short stories on here as and when I write them. The first one is still in progress but should be up sometime next week. Here’s to a better second half of the year. – Adele .H

11 Months

Happy 11 months my little Bubba, please stop growing so fast! You learnt how to wave, are getting pretty steady on your feet, and got your first tooth this past month. You learnt that it is pretty fun to pull all of the DVD’s off of the bookshelf, and found the joy in ripping up paper. You are really coming into your own little quirky personality and it is amazing to watch you develop and grow. But seriously, slow it down just a tiny bit? Love Mama x