Pregnancy Update: 4 Weeks 4 Days

Well here is a blog post I’m not sure I ever thought I’d be writing. I am currently expecting my 4th child! Crazy. I wasn’t sure about actually posting these updates at the time of writing them, or if I was going to wait and do it as a big bulk post after the 12 week scan and everything (hopefully) is fine. As if somehow it will jinx this pregnancy by telling people I’m pregnant before the first scan, I’m pretty sure what’s going to happen will happen regardless of who I tell or don’t tell. So here we are. This is my 4th pregnancy, I have 3 (sometimes) lovely girls already. Here’s betting for another girl, but seriously, I know every expecting mum says this but as long as the baby is healthy and arrives safely I couldn’t give a rats ass if it has a pee pee or a front butt. I will still hear the “Of course you must want a boy after having 3 girls, will you be disappointed if it’s not?” Why? No, seriously, just stop.

Symptoms so far have been the usual, constant weird taste in my mouth, if I go more than 2-3 hours without eating anything I feel sick. Sore boobs, achy (sometimes crampy) womb. Pretty much apart from the taste, it just feels like I’m about to start my period, which can be quite scary as well. Feeling sick is as reassuring as it is annoying right now. My vision has been more blurry than usual, even with my glasses on, maybe just time for another eye test. I’ve obviously had to come off of my AD medication, a month or so before we even started trying just to be safe, and so far it’s been a positive thing as worried as I was about not having them. My moods are still very up and down but I haven’t felt really “depressed” in a while now, I’ve even got back some of my creative motivation and started writing again and streaming on Twitch. I think generally being pregnant and having a mental illness can wait for its own separate blog post. I’ve even got some emotion back and find myself tearing up over silly things again like I used to, surprisingly it feels nice.

I’ll probably post another update blog in a couple of weeks or so. xxx


Goals for 2016


This is a post I wanted to make mostly for my own reference. I’d like to make myself some goals for 2016, as cliché as that is, and revisit this post in a years time to see how well I did with each of them. I tend to be a bit rubbish at sticking to things so I hope this will be a small kick up the butt.

Weight – The biggest thing I’d like to accomplish in 2016 is definitely to lose some weight, and by some I mean around 4 stone (56lbs/25kg). I had put on some weight before I got pregnant with the Bubbas and just piled it on while I was pregnant. I tend to gain around 2-3 stone while pregnant which I know is bad but hey, healthy babies! Bubs will be 2 in February and I’m not sure if I’ve lost any of that extra weight at all yet. I’m not used to being this weight and it makes me unhappy (also I don’t think it helps my anxiety either) so I’m going to kick my own butt and get back down to a weight I feel happier with and more me I guess.

Twitch – So for those who don’t know, I actually first started streaming on (then way back in summer of 2011, right after Minecraft first came out. All I did was stream Minecraft at the time and met loads of awesome people, getting around 800 followers. I streamed regularly for about 6 months before things blew up in my life and I stopped streaming. I only just started streaming again regularly in July this year, and I’m so glad I went back to it. The community is (mostly) awesome, and I’ve played and completed so many games that I never thought I’d ever play or replay. Twitch is a huge motivator for me to actually finish games instead of giving up part way through, and it is so satisfying. Getting to share the journey with fellow gamers is awesome and I’ve met so many great people. I will continue to stream on Twitch as often as I can in 2016 and am excited to see where I am at with it in a years time.

Anxiety – Challenging myself and my anxiety more is something I know I need to do, finding excuses to put things off or not do things is my speciality at the moment which I think is just making my anxiety worse. It’s far easier to not do or put off something that scares me than to even think of challenging or doing it. I have already started making more of an effort but I really want to work on this next year.

Blogging – Starting a blog was something I thought about doing for a while, but along with a few other things on my to do list, the idea got lost in the depths of my mind probably never to appear again. I’m so glad I actually got round to pulling it back out and, so far, have stuck with blogging on a regular basis. The outlet has been good for me in many different ways, being able to write about real issues I’m working through, a place to release my creative writing side, and encouraging me to make family days out into memorable blog posts I can come and look back on. My blogging will continue throughout 2016, I will be doing more creative writing, I have some unboxings planned and when I’m in the mood, I want to write about other more serious issues as well (depression, anxiety). But I mostly want this website to be a fun place made up of all sides of me.

Photos – I really want to take more photos, of family, my babies, flowers, the world in general and everything in it. Things I love, things I discover, things I want to remember and maybe some awkward selfies. I’ll be taking at least 1 picture every single day of 2016 and posting it on Instagram. Of course I will still do photo posts on here too. Go and follow me over on Instagram if you want to keep track of my progress there.

Marriage – Lastly but certainly not leastly (is that a word?), me and Daniel plan on getting married sometime in 2016. I never thought of myself as one to ever get married, mostly because we are not religious in the slightest, but being with Daniel has made me want to be his wifey and him my hubby. I’m even slightly excited about that thought. I definitely do not want a wedding so we will most likely just go and get married by ourselves one day, who knows when? How exciting.

Happy new year! Let’s make 2016 a happy and productive one 🙂