Spring Update 2016


Where have I been?

So the last time I made a post on here was back in January. The start of the year has been pretty rough on the mental health front, my anxiety was starting to get out of control, and I had the added pressure of returning to work after maternity leave. I decided to go to the doctor in the beginning of February and started taking AD’s to help with my anxiety. The AD’s during the first 3-4 weeks gave me severe depression, I stopped doing the things that made me happy. I was reassured that I would feel worse before I felt better so I stuck with it and thankfully after the first month mark of taking them, I was on a high. I became over productive (for me) and energetic for a good 1-2 weeks before my moods started to level out. I have been on them now for nearly 4 months and have seen a drastic improvement in my anxiety levels, the depression is still there but alot more manageable, the bad days areΒ  less frequent and my general stress levels have gone down too.

Chloe turned 10 in March and Lena turned 1 in February, this year is passing so fast. Lena has found her feet and walks around more than she crawls now, her top 2 front teeth are finally poking through aswell. As for the resolutions list I made at the New Year, due to my mental health, most of those got thrown aside pretty fast. Although going back to work has helped me keep track of my weight loss, I have lost 18lbs so far this year, slowly but steadily it is coming off. I had a break from Twitch for about a month back in February when I was feeling low, but have picked it up again stronger than ever and am really enjoying it again. My anxiety is obviously alot better, due to the medication, but it has made a significant difference in my day to day living. Blogging, failed big time, but here I am picking it up again. Taking more photos failed aswell, that will pick up in July when I get a new phone with more storage. Still no marriage plans as yet.

I have started writing again a little, I will be posting short stories on here as and when I write them. The first one is still in progress but should be up sometime next week. Here’s to a better second half of the year. – Adele .H


11 Months

Happy 11 months my little Bubba, please stop growing so fast! You learnt how to wave, are getting pretty steady on your feet, and got your first tooth this past month. You learnt that it is pretty fun to pull all of the DVD’s off of the bookshelf, and found the joy in ripping up paper. You are really coming into your own little quirky personality and it is amazing to watch you develop and grow. But seriously, slow it down just a tiny bit? Love Mama x

2015 A-Z

Some of my favourite things from 2015.

A - American Horror Story Hotel (TV), Attack on Titan (anime)
B - Blue Yeti (mic), Big Bang (music), Babymetal (music)
C - Cube Zero (movie)
D - Drawing, Dare Devil (TV), Dr Foster (TV)
E - Elgato (capture card), Ex Machina (movie)
F - FF7 remake announcement
G - Glasses Direct (shop), Game of Thrones (TV), GTA V (game)
H - House on Cold Hill (book), Horns (movie)
I - I Hate My Selfie (book), ICO (game)
J - Joy (movie), Jurassic World (movie)
K - Kirby the hamster, Kingdom Hearts 2 (game)
L - Lena, Life is Strange (game)
M - Minecraft (game), The Martian (movie), Miyavi (music)
N - New Nintendo 3DS 
O - Orange is the New Black (TV)
P - Parasyte (movie), Pixels (movie)
Q - Qwertee (shop)
R - The Returned (TV), Rammstein (music)
S - Silent Hill 2-4 (game), Slipknot (music)
T - Twitch.tv, Tomb Raider (game)
U - Unreal Tournament (game)
V - Vile (movie)
W - We need to talk about Kevin (movie), We the Kings (music)
X - XSplit (software)
Y - Youtube
Z - Zzzzzzz (sleep ;)