My name is Adele and I live in the south of England. I am a mother to 4 beautiful daughters and am a total geek. I really enjoy films (thriller), music (mostly rock/metal and Kpop), reading (fiction), writing (fiction), gaming (anything but sports games, mostly RPG’s) and art. I currently work part-time for a small aromatic chemicals company, the rest of my time is spent with my little people and my awesome Swedish guy or watching movies, gaming, kpopping and being cool on the internet.


Ok so, Kpop needs its own section because I’m basically addicted. I’ve always been a fan of asian music, mostly Jpop since early 00’s, but seriously got into Kpop in 2017. I like to collect physical albums and my shelves are quickly filling up. My bias groups are Nu’est, BTS and Dreamcatcher. Other artists I currently collect are Red Velvet, Wanna One, JBJ, Kard, Seventeen, BlackPink, Taemin and GDragon. I often post photo unboxings and hauls of new albums I buy.


I remember being at school and getting so excited when our work for the lesson was to simply “write a story”. I’ve always had a very creative mind and vivid imagination, I wrote tales of fantasy in far off lands with dragons to adventures with a talking field mouse. Now I’m older, my writing tends to generally have a more morbid feel to it which I like to explore. My biggest aim for this website is to post my writing, whether it be a one-off short story or continuing chapters of a larger tale posted weekly. Either way, I hope you enjoy.


I can’t remember video games ever NOT being a part of my life, from playing Sega round my pre-school friends house to getting my PlayStation for Christmas when I was 14. I’ve always found great joy (and sometimes rage) in gaming, and it is something I can’t ever see myself cutting out of my life completely. Yes even when I’m really old. Some gaming highlights for me over the many years have been Super Mario Land 2 for the Gameboy, Final Fantasy 7-9, Tomb Raider, Silent Hill 1-4, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, The Sims and Minecraft. I currently play on my PC, Switch or 3DS.


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