2015 A-Z

Some of my favourite things from 2015.

A - American Horror Story Hotel (TV), Attack on Titan (anime)
B - Blue Yeti (mic), Big Bang (music), Babymetal (music)
C - Cube Zero (movie)
D - Drawing, Dare Devil (TV), Dr Foster (TV)
E - Elgato (capture card), Ex Machina (movie)
F - FF7 remake announcement
G - Glasses Direct (shop), Game of Thrones (TV), GTA V (game)
H - House on Cold Hill (book), Horns (movie)
I - I Hate My Selfie (book), ICO (game)
J - Joy (movie), Jurassic World (movie)
K - Kirby the hamster, Kingdom Hearts 2 (game)
L - Lena, Life is Strange (game)
M - Minecraft (game), The Martian (movie), Miyavi (music)
N - New Nintendo 3DS 
O - Orange is the New Black (TV)
P - Parasyte (movie), Pixels (movie)
Q - Qwertee (shop)
R - The Returned (TV), Rammstein (music)
S - Silent Hill 2-4 (game), Slipknot (music)
T - Twitch.tv, Tomb Raider (game)
U - Unreal Tournament (game)
V - Vile (movie)
W - We need to talk about Kevin (movie), We the Kings (music)
X - XSplit (software)
Y - Youtube
Z - Zzzzzzz (sleep ;)

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